New YouTube Video: WIAT – Plant-Based and Vegan


**cues poppers and celebration music**

Sorry but I had to. Junior year was a time of absolute insanity. Laughs, tears, consults, restless nights, unmotivated mornings, times where I blushed tomato red, claustrophobia in social environments, ohhhhhhh the stories I have to tell. But that’s a whole different series of events. Now it’s serious tanning time. My friend Jess of the Lexicon Lecturer told me she can tan in less than ten minutes and she dreads it! Um, talk about JEALOUS.

As you can see down below, I do need to tan again, especially my feet and hands. I’m as pale as anyone can get! However, I absolutely hate the process of it. I sweat really easily and hate lying down for more than 30 minutes in one place. Who can possibly have the desire to do all that???


Aside from that, summer time also means YouTube filming time!! This time I have another What I Ate Today video, except this time it’s during my vegan week! It’s more plant-based because I will allow myself to have honey in case I accidentally eat it. Less guilt trips, which are the LAST things I want on this experiment. Oh and on a side note, I was forced to cut the plant-based experiment from as long as I wanted to one or two weeks because my family said as many “no”‘s as someone saying an apple that’s been chopped and de-holed is a real donut. (Did I just make fun of my own video?!) It’s very disappointing to me, but not everyone will support you. And I indeed understand how stubborn my parents are as I am with them. (NOT a good combo BTW) Might as well make the best of what you got.

Well then, onto the meals! I didn’t get a chance to photograph all of the meals, but you can see all the beautiful foods I had in the video linked above! If you have a good eye you’ll tell that I did switch cameras at the end of the video since the GoPro decided to DIE on the one day I needed it. Sigh…..however, this vlog camera turned out to look better than I expected. It’s a bit too zoomed in for my liking, but what can ya do.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

BREAKFAST: Acai Berry Bowl – toppings are KIND Healthy Grains Vanilla Blueberry Granola Clusters, melted Justin’s almond butter, Sun Spire vegan dark chocolate chips, shredded coconut, blueberries, Nature’s Path Organic Qi’a chia superfood cereal and strawberries

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

LUNCH: Simple Chocolate Oatmeal – toppings include strawberries, mangoes, melted vegan dark chocolate, melted almond butter

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

SNACK: 1/2 extra large sweet potato made into Sweet Potato Nachos with Sriracha, one medium apple with cinnamon

DINNER: Cannelli Bean & Beet Salad

DESSERT: 1/2 bag Quinn trans-fat free popcorn with cinnamon (because I’m obsessed)

Time for the recap!!!

  1. Breakfast: Hands down my favorite meal. I wasn’t even hungry when making lunch!
  2. Lunch: Took a long time to cook and it didn’t turn out very aesthetically pleasing. I loved the thickness but didn’t like the aftertaste of the coconut sugar. Despite that it tasted good, I didn’t feel so hot afterwards. My stomach just sank and felt really heavy and overall I started feeling tired. After an hour or two, I felt much better. I don’t think oatmeal is a very good summer food anyways. Looking back I should’ve had Sweet Potato Nachos without the Greek yogurt or a mono-meal of some fruit.
  3. Snack: Hmmmm, not sure if breakfast is my favorite meal anymore. The sweet potatoes and Sriracha were SO GOOD–I usually like having sweet potatoes sweet and cinnamony, but this was soooooooo good! I also haven’t had apples in a while–I was worried that it would be too heavy for the summer, but I was shocked that I wasn’t bloated or sick afterwards! Both were perfect, light and delicious summer snacks.
  4. Dinner: This salad was actually my idea, but since my GoPro decided to die on me before dinner I lost all the footage of the actual cooking process 😦 I really want to do a full recipe on this when I can make it again! It was amazing–one of the best spring/summer salads I’ve ever tasted! I felt so stuffed after eating all that fiber from the beans and veggies!
  5. Dessert: Nice but not extraordinary way to conclude an awesome dinner with a crunch! It wasn’t too sweet but had a good cinnamon flavor. It would’ve been even better with some chocolate 😛

To be honest, I was pleasantly astounded how I felt that day. I felt pretty energetic and light, minus the oatmeal crash at lunch. However, for the not-so-good stuff: at night I grew more tired and full, and the morning after I noticed some bloat, especially at my lower stomach even though I did aerobic exercise for more than two hours. I’m not exactly sure if increasing my carbs works well for me since I don’t weight train only once or twice a week. It is said that the fruit sugars are burned off by super intense exercise, which explains why most of the fruitarian and vegan gurus are fitter than ever. For now I’ll keep everything somewhat the same, except make overnight or chilled oats rather than hot oatmeal. This does prove that fruit does not make you fat.

Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed this video because it was so much fun to make! Let me know if you want to see more of these WIAT vids or if you have any other ideas! Now with all that aside I’m going to stuff my face in a basket of peaches. With almond butter. A sight you don’t want to see. 😀

One thought on “New YouTube Video: WIAT – Plant-Based and Vegan

  1. I’m also intrigued and apprehensive to add that much plant based food in my diet. What about the cost? Will it be too much fiber? Will I be starving? How hard is it to prep? Your video helped outline that a lot of it is much simpler than I’ve given it credit for. Thank you for sharing your day!

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