Restaurant Review: Blu Jam Cafe

If you’ve never heard of Blu Jam Cafe, that would be a shocker. Four stars on Yelp and raved about on the press, this place is one of the organic hotspots for celebrities (I saw Elle Fanning on my second visit!) and general foodies. I was thrilled to discover that it opened another spot in Woodland Hills, which is waaaaayyy closer to home than Sherman Oaks and Fairfax!

That being said, whether far or nearby, arrive half an hour earlier than when you plan on dining. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations and you are guaranteed a wait because of the crowds. But don’t be discouraged–it’s worth it! Once you’re seated, you get to settle in their lively but not too reckless atmosphere. The tables are a little packed towards the booths, but hey, you gotta do whatcha gotta do to fit in as many customers as possible! Service is friendly–the waiters are always enthusiastic and accommodating to your preferences!

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Like many restaurants, Blu Jam has plenty of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. But their philosophy on using the best ingredients from the best sources didn’t fail to win me over. There is a diverse amount of egg dishes, sandwiches, burgers, pancakes and crispy french toast.

The meal usually begins with a cup of jasmine green tea served in a Hong Kong-style kettle. It was very fragrant and delicious if you like the flavor of strong herbs. Plus, what can beat that vibrant green color?


I only take a picture of my signature dish, which is the Power House from the Health and Fitness menu. The good news is that I can rave on and on about how amazing this is! With two broiled chicken breasts, six egg whites, basil, organic spinach and zucchini (UH, my three favorite veggies EVA!!), it’s 411 calories (the second-lowest option) and an unreal 77 grams of protein.

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You may be thinking: really, Cassie? You couldn’t be more un-exciting? (Hey, it was glute day and ya gotta replenish ze protein!!)

Not so fast. This dish is the reason why I love eggs and tomato sauce. It was a zoodly-eggy fusion of deliciousness. The chicken was good but not my favorite part because the breasts were a bit dry on the outsides. While I wished there was some Sriracha to give it a kick it was amazing just as is.


You can also make your own omelets, which is one of my favorite things to do there. The last visit, I had a fatso customized egg white omelet with black beans, spinach, zucchini and tomatoes with mixed greens and whole wheat toast on the side! It was the perfect combo with a lil’ Mexican fusion and tasted amazing. What I like is that you’re almost your own chef. That being said, if you didn’t like it, well, it’s kind of your fault.

To see the menu, locations, blog and wonderful story of their use of wholesome foods, you can click on this link to their website. It’s an optimal restaurant to start a healthy diet with plenty of nutritious options, and also perfect in case if you wanted to splurge on some sweet french toast or hearty macaroni.

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Blu Jam Cafe

  1. Blue Jam used to be my… Well… JAM! ha ha ha! But then I stopped eating copious amounts of eggs due to lethargy and that’s what I used to get there so I haven’t gone in ages! I live within walking distance to the Fairfax/Melrose one! Perhaps we should meet up and I can revisit Blue Jam again because I know it is tasty! 😉

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