Too Much Positivity?

Don’t want this to sound like a rant, but I really have to get it off my chest! Lately people have been reporting my comments on Instagram as spam or abusive because apparently, I say the same happy things and sound fake, redundant or just downright annoying. The last comment I made was on a post of someone posing in front of the beach, and you’ll see what I said below and what I got back from it.

IMG_0098[1] IMG_0097[1]

…..Excuse me?

I literally seethed after the tenth blocked comment. It was a THUMBS UP EMOJI! Since when did anyone feel the need to block a COMPLIMENT? Something that would make the user smile? How can someone not appreciate the extra time I take to comment on someone’s picture and tell them how wonderful they are? Is it wrong to say that beltsanderbrownie looks delicious or that someone looks great after their transformation? It’s extremely shallow to judge others based on the initial encounter, first of all, and then it’s unfortunate that people feel as if they need to dispose words that are all in the best intentions.

But after a little reflection, I realized that there might be a fine line between being very optimistic and phony. I’ve seen users on others’ videos or photos of very happy and confident people I look up to refute them for acting fake. And as I hate saying it, at times I can see it. But just because I’m happy, always laughing, and confident in my own skin doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced loss, sadness and defeat. In fact, I suffer all three quite often. And you know what? I don’t want to spread that towards others because they don’t deserve it. But everyone deserves to feel happy and hear uplifts. You know all the people you follow and want to switch lives with deal with some sort of problem and find their happy fire from their fans’ comments. Why hold them back from that?

For the sake of not sounding too insincere, I will take it easy on the comments and maybe just start liking as an alternative. But I will NOT stoop down to others who don’t want to hear me lift them up. I don’t deserve this negativity. And if I have to deal with this on a daily basis, I won’t want to deal with it at all (bye bye, Instagram).

So as a little concluding message to those who reported me: I’m sorry that you’re so allergic to my happiness. I know, it’s contagious. Have fun in your little bubble of negativity.

K bye.

8 thoughts on “Too Much Positivity?

  1. LMFAO!!!!!! OMG!!! I get told ALL THE TIME that I have to stop being so happy. UM, I didn’t know THAT WAS A CRIME?!?!!?!?! IG and other social media sites make no sense to me! They catch stupid motivational comments like this, but comments about porn and what not…. They don’t catch!

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    1. LOL exactly! Next thing you know I’m gonna be sued for spamming someone with happy comments!! People are literally wasting so much time on us optimists while there’s creeps and haters out there!

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  2. What this is absolutely crazy! Good on you for being so positive and supporting others. We shouldn’t be punishing people for this sort of behavior. Keep on doing what you’re doing x

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  3. This is insane! You’re not doing anything wrong, girl 🙂 Keep spreading those positive vibes ~ what goes around comes around and you’ll have great karma coming your way. Honestly you’re just so sweet and I know it’s genuine – I don’t know why you’d get blocked for this! Ridiculous.


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