I’m Leaving.

One of my more difficult posts: an update to my Forks Over Knives review.


Did you think superfitbabe would be no more? Absolutely not! I couldn’t give up my blog for anything. It’s not about the popularity or recognition, but it’s about expressing my passion for health, fitness and wellness. Anyways, this is a different topic. I’m departing something else: the desire for veganism. Here’s why.


  1. I don’t want to defend those who impose their beliefs on the innocent. Those who don’t entirely practice what they preach. Heck, I don’t want to even deal with them! Meat consumption works for some and it doesn’t work for others. I despise those who cannot accept biochemical individuality and judge omnivores based on how they look. Just because someone isn’t a stick doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy. I’ve seen vegan gurus who say they wanted to commit suicide and that no one should feel this way, but then taunt non-vegans and tear them apart to shreds. Have they ever thought that those mean comments make their victims want to die in a hole as well? There are plenty of lovely vegans I’ve met in the community, but also too many bad apples. If I have to consider them a part of my community, then I don’t want to join at all. Sorry but not sorry.
  2. It’s impossible to be a full-fledged vegan that’s completely absent from animal byproducts. They lurk everywhere, from the paint on our houses, the tires on our cars, the wipes I use to clean my gym equipment and the plastic bags from CVS Pharmacy, etc. While I can abstain myself as much as possible, why do I want to carry such a burden? Why should I live my life feeling guilty if I already know that whatever I use to survive required a life?

Those reasons sound simple enough. So I prefer not to declare that I will go vegan but plant-based. Yes, there are definitely ethics behind this much-in-the-future transition, but more so for the benefit of the environment and my health (However, I NEED my tofu at least once a week.). I’m still against animal cruelty by all means and will do whatever I can to restrain support of factory farming when the time comes. The great part is that I can still live a normal adolescent life! It’s so ironic that what seems even more restrictive is more ethically liberating. Sans the guilt.


Whether you’re angry or you’re shocked, please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not targeting a specific someone or vegans overall, but a personal issue. I don’t feel comfortable declaring myself a vegan because I’m not cut out for it. So go ahead and call me weak or wimpy, but it’s my life. Like my e-card says, you may be an expert on you but you’re not on me. So back off my sh*t.


Now if you’ll excuse me, Imma go eat some Greek yogurt and peanut buttah. #sorrynotsorryagain

4 thoughts on “I’m Leaving.

  1. It’s your life, you have the right to decide how to live it. I never understood why people are judging one another because of having different views or lifestyles. I hate those people you keep trying to force their opinion on others, like that was the only right way to live. I think everybody should find what works the most for them!

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    1. Me too 😦 and I definitely agree! For instance there are so many people out there who got extremely sick on a vegan diet and it’s so annoying when others purposely cherry-pick their evidence to ridicule others!


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