My Fuzzy Chocolate Chip Companion

Sometimes a special someone enters my bedroom as I perform a plank. That special someone gives me a longing look for attention with beautiful, lovely hazel eyes, comes closer to me and our noses touch. Then that someone gives me a kiss on the lips. A big n’ wet, kibbly, slobbery one.



Not a lot of you know this but I have a mini Australian labradoodle named Cookie who is the craziest, most spoiled and whiny puppy in the world. But that’s not enough to outweigh the facts that she is also the most adorable and most energetic.

My entire childhood years consisted of begging my dad for a dog at least five hours a day, and that habit died down in middle school through sophomore year when we first got her. I actually did not see my dear Cookie with her breeder, nor have I ever been to the breeder’s house. However, according to my family, the moment they laid their eyes upon this adorable pup, they knew she was the one. Her innocent little eyes, delicate head and soft nuzzle attracted my little sisters so much they didn’t want to leave!


Months and months later after she was fully developed, we brought her home! Me and a friend of mine came home from a movie and got to see her sleeping in her new bed, and I almost fell to the ground crying. She was absolutely precious! Now looking back, is she as innocent as I initially thought? Not so much 😉

How can this…

912918_173252406164345_1395754931_n 897520_171991249623794_2138547184_o

…transform to this??


LOL, I’m kidding! She’s still as cute as ever! For anyone else who has an awesome pet like mine, you’d totally get me! Though I haven’t yet been able to get her to do K90X properly (all she does is bark and bark at the screen because of the other dogs), almost every time I go out for a walk or even a run, she’s with me for several very important reasons. And your pets should be your fitness partners for these factors as well.

My dog loves running. Whenever I walk down in my workout clothes and ask her to go outside, her head immediately perks up!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

In fact, she always started pacing faster and in front of me during our spring break morning jogs to lead! It’s a sign that she’s protective and strong. But, we can only run for so long!


She’s also super social. Whenever we have guests over, she would pee on half of them. But hey, she’s gotten more tranquil the past year, which is progress!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

But–MOST of all, Cookie is responsible for nibbling at my meals. It’s a blessing and a curse. Exhibit A:



IMG_6733 IMG_6630 Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset IMG_6107

My biggest issue with Cookie? She eats waaaaayyyy too much meat. My family members love to feed her off the table and spoil her to death! It’s so bad she refuses to eat her normal dog food without a slab of chicken or beef. In fact, I finely ground a dog treat and buried it into her bowl full of food, and after she sniffed it, she looked up at me expecting more. So now she actually has to see me put the food inside! Therefore, Cookie is part Cookie monster, or carnivorous monster. Not kidding. She can outeat you, your boyfriend, your family, anyone! Except me, of course.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I hope you enjoyed this fun and random little post recording my best fido friend Cookie! She’s such a huge component of my life. I laugh, eat, cry, snuggle, sleep, bathe, exercise and cook with her! Looking back, I don’t know what kind of person I’d be without my little labradoodle. While I was still physically healthy before her arrival, I wouldn’t be nearly as positive and energetic. What can I say? Happiness is truly contagious. Especially in a little chocolate chip ball of fur and fun!


Fun fact: Cookie isn’t entirely keto. She loves sweet potatoes!

8 thoughts on “My Fuzzy Chocolate Chip Companion

  1. Hahha omg that after photo made me laugh out loudXD Your dog is so cute! My dog also has a giant teddy bear (mine)he likes to hug. I love how your dog likes eating your healthy creations, I once fed my dog oatmeal,carrots,cucumber and bananas for a day because we ran out of dog food:p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Thank you! Your dog seems so sweet! Yes, now Cookie eats anything–pancakes, lettuce, chicken, except she doesn’t like mock meat so she could never be one of those vegan or vegetarian dogs XD


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