February Favorites

Greetings loved ones! Winter is officially over (Lol not really since it’s still super cold if not colder :/) !! The end of the month means another favorites video up online! This month has been awesome since I’ve discovered cool items that are so amazing and that I think you’ll enjoy a lot. No clothing items this time, but I do have three E-Books, two restaurants and two new blogs, which are some categories not featured in my previous videos!


  1. BurnThis (if you want a full tour on the app, click here!)


  1. The Rawsome Vegan E-Book by The Rawsome Vegan Life
  2. The Naked Foods Cookbook by James Berry and Margaret Floyd
  3. Move Over Sugar by Lorna Jane


  1. Navitas Naturals dried mulberries
  2. Navitas Naturals chia powder
  3. Navitas Naturals cacao powder
  4. Trader Joe’s shredded coconut (can also be purchased from Amazon)
  5. Justin’s classic almond butter
  6. Simple Truth Organic crunchy peanut butter
  7. Simple Truth Organic tahini


  1. Vinh Loi Tofu (a revisited classic!)
  2. Sqirl L.A.


  1. Green Kitchen Stories
  2. Mindfully Bliss

I know this was a pretty short blog post but you will see how much I love these faves if you watch the loooooong video! Love you guys so much and I can’t wait to show you guys all the awesome shiz I have for the future! See you in March!!

Link to Oven-free Coconut Sweet Potato Mash recipe


Links to other favorites:





P.S. I know my sitting position changed, haha! Filming while kneeling on your feet is more painful than it seems! XD

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