Food Inc. Review

My first movie review! Believe it or not when I was young I always thought I’d become a film producer because I’d direct and edit videos in my free time! While my major has shifted more towards the health industry I still enjoy going to the movies and editing my own clips. Why else would I have started a YouTube channel?

Anyways, I’ve heard of Food Inc. long before I talked about it in my January favorites video and thought a night home alone would be an awesome time to watch it. The movie is all the rage of my favorite health and vegan gurus. I am all for learning more about the food industries and how flawed it is 😦 If you want to watch this movie, beware that there are some spoiler alerts in this post in which I simply emphasize my take on them. Don’t like spoilers? You should probably scroll down to the very end of the page!


Robert Kenner shows us the totalitarian aspect of the regulation of our food industry. Passion for health is not exercised in this matter, but corporate desire for power and money are. This inevitably causes our obesity epidemic, diabetes crisis and pesticide plague affecting our safety. What we’re supposed to believe are better—supersized chicken breasts, produce that have no expiration date and invincible corn and soybean production—are actually major problems

Sounded interesting to me, so I snuggled into my Abercrombie sweatpants, turned on Netflix and laid back to enjoy the show!!



This is a brutally honest and logical film. With some exceptions it does lack violence and gory imagery, which was good for someone like me who becomes very uncomfortable with seeing abused animals. Food Inc. does not expose their deaths, but rather the slow suffering and pain they endure before all the murder mania occurs.

The story of the two year-old boy dying from E. coli is absolutely heartbreaking. It made me realize that the heads of our society, meant to protect our people, actually allow these corporations to kill us. It’s a given that not everyone will die quickly by eating burgers and french fries weekly, but of course, there are prices to pay. The situation of the lower class family was just as devastating where people are unsure of where to invest their meager budgets. It opened my eyes. I used to be so judgmental of those who went to the drive-thru daily and did not realize that in some cases, there was no other choice for them. While I still believe medical bills are a bigger burden than organic broccoli, people have it hard.

Some scenes are infuriating, whether short or long. Cows are hung upside down from a moving assembly line and bump into walls everywhere, which is incredibly disrespectful to their well-being. A screaming, crying hen is plunged into a cone tube and then slit at the neck to die and be plucked and sold. Hens become so overweight they cease to move and are then thrown into a truck to the slaughterhouses.


If there was one major disappointment this movie had, it was that it only deteriorated the bad and didn’t elevate the good. I anticipated to see an in-depth tour of humane farms with pasture-raised chickens, grass-fed cows and clean, colorful gardens. Of course, we still have a long way to go, but there are some farms out there that do treat food as living things and not as money makers.


As a whole, Food Inc. is a wonderful eye-opener. Until now I never knew that I would look around and be surrounded by GMOs. At the same time I am still pretty young and live under someone else’s roof. I can’t easily refuse to buy free range chicken breasts simply because it’s the cheaper option, even though it may be the product of a grain-fed chicken injected with synthetic hormones or sea water to make it larger and more flavorful.

So as of today, I will stay away from gluten whenever possible. I may not have an intolerance to it but I do have one towards the wheat industry. It’s okay if I go to a restaurant and find my dish swimming in soy sauce or a salad that has dressing with gluten. I wouldn’t freak. I already invest in pasture-raised eggs, hormone free and grass-fed meat and dairy, and completely organic soy. The best one can do is to buy the best quality whenever possible.

Please check out Food Inc. to learn more about the health industry and the importance of eating a clean diet! The benefits are endless and we help the environment and animals as well.

Bye for now, lovelies!


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