Big Announcement! + BurnThis

This was a miracle that literally came so instantly it feels like out-of-the-blue. I pinched myself about eighteen thousand times to make sure it wasn’t a dream. (Some of you may know from the cute purple badge right below the corner of my blog. Wink-wink.)

Drumroll, please….


I am officially a BurnThis ambassador!

😀 **cues confetti cannons, kazoos and party balloons** 😀

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Anna Kohanski Mason, the cofounder of BurnThis, for giving me the position! I’m so grateful to be an important member of this new community that has so much potential to expand. Its contagious inspiration and support will just enlighten you in so many ways. I was sent this beautiful package with a cute racerback tank, a brochure and mini promotion cards! Ah-mazing!

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If this is the first time you’re finding out about this awesome app, BurnThis is a social media center where you register, post vibrant pics with large captions of hashtags or motivation quotes and follow inspirational people such as personal trainers, nutritionists, fitness instructors or people just like you! You can also enter challenges giving away free stuff to you and your friends! It may seem like all the other popular apps at first, but firstly, you receive the feed of everyone and not just who you’re following; secondly, you can add text onto the picture, and lastly the #fitfam is seriously a family. There are no cults or little categories to fit in to.

While I use these apps all the time, the problem I have with Facebook, Twitter and especially Tumblr and Instagram is that every single picture I post seems to be a game between social media and I: How many likes can I get? How many comments? Which one of us has the best-looking pictures? Who has the most followers? Plus, everyone’s just not as nice. I feel as if I always have to use a filter or a short caption because it’s socially “cool” and acceptable. Don’t get me wrong–I personally love my photo editor and think the shorties are cute. But if I have something to say that’s too long of a caption and too short of a blog post…….I have a problem!

However, with BurnThis, it’s only guaranteed that at least several people will like and comment on your photo. You can be yourself. Your true, true self. No one’s asking you to be perfect. In fact, if you show them who you really are you’ll earn more respect! Of course I won’t post a bikini picture right away, but I can actually post a selfie without being worried others will find me conceited or a crooked stack of pancakes without feeling like a failure! I just over-thought every single move I was making on my apps. Ain’t nobody got time for dat in the #fitfam. We’re super chill and supportive.

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Download the app here:

Instagram: @burnthisdotcom

Twitter: @burnthis

Facebook: BurnThis

Pinterest: BurnThis

(Bee-Tee-Dubbs, if you’re not following me on the app, do it already!! <3)

Before you comment any rebuttals, this is not meant to be vain or boastful of myself. Earning a position like this was crazy hard. I sent résumés, articles, e-mails, and messages to both large and small companies but got no replies. I felt like nothing–like a total loser because I wasn’t working for anyone and not being part of something. Being an ambassador is unreal. I participate in something I love and am so passionate about it’s not even work. It’s supporting others and radiating my own story.

Anyways, thank you again, BurnThis, for reaching out to me on Instagram! I’m excited to support you as you expand the community with more awesome people so that we can show the world we are and will always be a true family! Check it out right now, download it on your phone and be a part of the #fitfam today!

Talk to you soon!


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