BioChem 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder Review

Holy protein mama. Guess what I received in the mail??

Da da da dahhhh! Two pounds of whey protein powder!!!

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Even though I meant to save up for some Tone it Up protein powder, my family gave me an unexpected but highly appreciated gift. I wanted to try a new brand of protein that had great buzz and reviews, but Biochem doesn’t seem to fail. It definitely didn’t do so for me!


This powder is incredibly high quality. It’s made from grass-fed cows, has no GMOs, is gluten free, soy free, lactose free, hormone free and artificial sugar free! Let’s take a closer look at the macros…

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Contains all essential amino acids–impressive, impressive 🙂

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Now this is where Biochem truly gets to shine if you’re on a fat/weight loss diet. For one heaping scoop you get twenty grams of complete protein for only ninety calories and less than one net carb! There’s also not a lot of cholesterol, fat or sodium. Most brands have more than 200 calories per scoop with the same amount of protein. I mean, you can make a shake with two scoops of this powder for fourty grams of protein and you would still be under 200 calories; that is, if you use only water and a natural zero-calorie sweetener, which is not recommended unless you like flavorless shakes. Surprisingly, I found it wasn’t bad at all with a tablespoon of Stevia. Otherwise, just use one scoop, some almond milk and maybe half a banana to mask the whey.

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And look at that texture! It’s so soft and fluffy! My old protein powder was very rough and sandy, which is why I could never get my protein shakes to be thick like I wanted them! I mean, look at that. This looks unhealthy.

Since it’s winter time I’ve always craved warm drinks like lattes or mocha coffees. As I said before, I’m not allowed to have coffee because it “ages” me. But I didn’t fret for long–using protein powder definitely hit the spot. Mix it with some water, cinnamon and Stevia and you have extremely warm milk. Heck, you don’t even need a blender! Just mix it well on the stovetop and you have a hot drink that doesn’t cause tummy aches!


As for baking in pastries, I was a bit out of luck with texture. It’s very chalky and doesn’t taste very much like flour or pancake mix. I’d stick to smoothies and shakes most of the time. There’s also a weird aftertaste if you don’t use cinnamon or Stevia to mask it, FYI. It’s best used with coconut flour as a protein supplement and not by itself.

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As you can see from my oven cake, I mixed it with an egg white, Stevia and cinnamon and got this incredibly flat pancake. It might just be bad cooking but otherwise, using it in my protein pancakes with coconut flour work a lot better.

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In the big picture, Biochem is an incredible product. All natural, free of hormones and GMOs (which is big for me for this reason), and artificial sugar-free, this delivers probably the most impressive macros I’ve ever seen from a protein powder. It’s best in smoothies and shakes but not as a complete flour substitute. If you’re trying to lose weight, lose fat, gain muscle or fit in more protein, then look into this! You won’t be sorry 😀

Lots o’ love,


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