Bye Bye, California! + Yonanas Review

This year called for a serious vacay and winter break is finally the time to do it! I said before that I would spend a week in Hawaii, and I’m leaving tomorrow morning! I can’t even express my excitement! Don’t worry, I will update y’all on how awesome the islands are and also have made other posts to be scheduled during the time I’m away. Don’t be confused if the next post is an oatmeal recipe made at home or something!

Also…I may or may not have gotten my family the best Christmas present ever: an ice cream maker! Since the sharp Nutribullet blade broke I’ve been deprived of nana ice cream for the longest time. Twas a sad, sad time period. Instead of getting a new blade I got an even better device guaranteed to work. The Yonanas Ice Cream Maker caught my eye and I had to get it on Amazon!

I made sure all the reviews were at least four stars and read the instruction manual tirelessly until I knew everything like the back of my hand. The next morning for breakfast, I rewarded myself with a bowl of DIY nana ice cream! As the instructions said, let your fruit thaw for a few minutes until they’re not as icy. Luckily, my fruits were soft enough to begin with.

I blended one and a half frozen bananas and got this thick, creamy and oh-so delicious concoction that my blender could never achieve. I added in some carob chips and peppermint extract afterwards! YUM.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

My sisters put in frozen pineapple and fresh strawberries! Their sorbet was good too, but I thought my bananas were a lot creamier because they were colder. The blade and the tube were pretty quick to wash and clean since none of us added any peanut butter n’ stuff.

IMG_1768 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Other Useful Tips on How to Succeed with the Yonanas Device:

  1. Add in a generous amount of fruit at once. Of course, you don’t want to go too overboard–a handful or two is usually good.
  2. Make sure your fruit is frozen and thawed.
  3. Press well if you want your fruit to be completely blended. I got a little bit of banana chunks but didn’t mind that at all.

For the sake of getting the most realistic tasting ice cream, bananas are the best fruit because they’re the creamiest. But if you like sorbet then by all means blend any fruit you like! I have yet to see if I can actually put in other additions like protein powder, almond butter, chocolate or anything else like that. I heard that I could but it’s also possible that they could stick to the blades. Overall, Yonanas is an awesome investment. I recommend getting it on Amazon or any other site where you can get good deals.

See you in Hawaii!


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