Reese’s as a Superfood Bowl

First thing’s first: how’s my blog’s makeover?? Isn’t everything so much easier to find now that there’s more categories to pick and choose from? I took at least a couple hours to organize all of the different pages so that no one would have to click and click everywhere. You likey? Well I’m glad that this little facelift benefits my blog in the long-run. But anyways: onto the recipe, which I’m sure is much more exciting than this input!

As a kid I was obsessed with chocolate and peanut butter. In the form of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. While they were killer I haven’t had it right until the real thing. Dark cacao and peanut butter slay. And chocolate PB2? Ugh, I could have it every single day!

That’s not exactly the case for breakfast, though. I would be caught dead if all I ate in the morning were scarce packs of fun-sized Reese’s packs! With all natural unsalted peanut butter, cacao powder and Stevia, you get a low GI bowl that tastes like candy. Best excuse to wake up in the morning–not kidding.


  • 1/2 cup gluten-free rolled oats
  • 1 cup almond milk/coconut milk/organic soy milk (or 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup milk)
  • 2 TBSP cacao/cocoa powder or melted chocolate
  • 1 TBSP peanut butter or 2 TBSP powdered peanut butter
  • Sweetener to taste (I use Stevia)
  • Opt: flax seed, peanuts, cinnamon


  1. Heat a pot on the stovetop to medium-high heat.Pour in the oats.
  2. Carefully pour in 1 cup of milk of choice, or water and milk mix. Stir with oats once or twice.
  3. Add in cacao powder or chocolate. Stir.
  4. Repeat with peanut butter or powdered peanut butter.
  5. Keep stirring consistently until everything is thoroughly mixed. This will take longer if you use regular peanut butter.
  6. Add sweetener and optional ingredients.
  7. Bring the pot to medium-low heat and let simmer once it bubbles. Continue to
  8. When the pot becomes bubbly again, turn the heat off, pour in a bowl and serve (or cover it and let it chill in the fridge for 45 minutes to an hour at least).

What was your favorite childhood candy? Besides Reese’s I adored Life-Savers, gummy bears, Sour Patch, Mike and Ike, Crunch, KitKat and Peppermint Patties.

Au revoir,


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