November Favorites!

Farewell, November!

Sorry guys, no video this time. I’ve been swamped because of exam prep 😦 I promise that I will try my best to make a December favorites in Hawaii! A YouTube video by the beach? Sounds so cool right? Anyways, onto the favorites!


  1. The Paleo KitchenThe Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking by Juli Bauer and George Bryant: I know, last month I had two vegan cookbooks. How hilariously dramatic right? I’m neither Paleo nor vegan but am fascinated by both lifestyles! The authors Juli and George have such inspiring stories and created wonderful recipes. I’ve tried their bacon-wrapped asparagus and really enjoyed it. This is coming from someone who despises pork in all forms! I’m looking forward to trying their uber-popular blueberry pancake recipe. Yum!


  1. resistance-bandsRipcords Resistance Band: When I don’t feel like hitting the kettlebell, dumbbell or any bell, I use this band! What I love to do for my upper back pulses, is that I wrap this around some sort of pole or table leg and pull it from a fairly long distance. The farther you are, the harder the move. And an awesome glute move is the resistance band kickback! Get onto all fours, fold one part of the band (make sure it’s not smack in the middle) and put that fold under one of your knees. Take one handle and wrap it around the opposite foot and pull your leg back. It’s so bad but so good!
  2. 41RM859RNXLValeo Ankle Weights: I’m not a huge fan of using weights for my lower body because I gain too easily around my thighs. But I love these ankle weights on rest days when I’m taking a very long walk to the gym or with my dog. If you’re not a pear shape like me or if you want to bulk, by all means, go for it and use these weights all day erry day!


  1. Sweat Smile and Repeat TankBlogilates “Sweat Smile and Repeat” tank: I actually got this in white at this year’s IDEA World Fitness Convention but haven’t started wearing it until now because the straps were insanely large and I didn’t shorten them until now. This logo is the story of my life because sometimes I’m so out of it and don’t want to workout, but I just look at this top and end up doing it and feeling awesome afterwards! If you need extra motivation and want to look cute while working out, this is for you.
  2. Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetPINK bicycle shorts: These pair of shorts are so comfortable and well-fitting! Plus the pattern is so pretty with the blue and the purple that reminds me of summer but are cool enough for the fall. I usually wear them indoors because it’s cold and all with the exceptions of oddly sunny days during the week.

FOOD (best section for last 😉 )

  1. KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea SaltKIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bar: Imagine a giant dark-chocolate covered pretzel stick. That is literally this bar. I swear, this KIND bar is my favorite flavor besides the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew and Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate bars that are practically crack in the form of nuts and chocolate. What can I say, I’m a chocolate addict.
  2. Navitas Naturals Wild Goji BerriesNavitas Naturals Goji Berries: I hated raisins and cranberries. Oddly enough, I love their child fruit: goji berries! I’m warning you though that you shouldn’t eat them alone because they have a disgusting medicine-y aftertaste (unless if you like drinking Tylenol by the bottle, then by all means do it!), so what I do is put it in smoothies, parfaits, protein pancakes and oatmeal. They improve performance, sleep quality, mental stability and overall health. I feel significantly happier even after a tablespoon of these awesome berries. Brand doesn’t really matter but Navitas Naturals has them in great quality–organic, kosher, vegan and gluten free! (Sometimes supposedly “gluten free” or “vegan” products are produced in a facility that also handles animal or wheat products!) Fun fact: they’re a complete protein with all essential amino acids!  Protein……fruit? Only the goji.
  3. Acai Frozen PacksSambazon Acai Frozen Packs: Acai bowls are practically the most viral type of health food out there besides gluten free pancakes and nana ice cream. Now that I’ve tried it I can definitely see why. If you add mixed berries and some cocoa or cacao powder and cinnamon to one of these packs, OH MY LAWD—it tastes heavenly. I like these packs in particular because whenever you blend it up the consistency stays very thick and creamy, which is how I prefer my smoothies. Again, you don’t have to get Sambazon in particular but if you want to try acai, I highly recommend packaged ones.
  4. maple-ab-jarJustin’s Maple Almond Butter: Make that an all year-round favorite. While are meetings are brief, Maple Almond Butter and I are practically married. I wrote a love letter to him in an old post and still have to get a new jar every week because he leaves me too soon. Forget the Ben & Jerry’s pint. Get me one of these jars when I’m watching The Notebook. 😉
  5. enlightened-coffee-package_no-info_333x278Enlightened Ice Cream Coffee Bars: Yes, I’m such a foodie! In my last post I mentioned that I’m not allowed to drink coffee. But I love coffee flavored treats, especially ice cream. Too bad that my lactose intolerance prevents me from eating ice cream and froyo without a cranky monster with cramps and bloating. Fortunately, Enlightened provides frozen treats that I can tolerate, plus each treat is full of protein, fiber and natural ingredients like monk fruit! I discovered this brand at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in August and fell in love with Mr. Coffee bar! No, I didn’t break up with Justin’s Maple Almond butter. In fact, I hooked him up with Mr. Coffee to make the ultimate bromance! Spread some of that almond butter onto a bar, and abracadabra! You have magic at your fingertips!

This is all my monthly favorites, everyone! I don’t know about you but November killed it. Hopefully December will be even better because of Christmas and my birthday! Let me know what your favorites are this month and as I said before it’s more likely that I’ll post another video about my December favorites. Or a Cyber Monday haul if I’m lucky 🙂

Happy December!!


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