How I Make the Best out of Sick Days

Today is my second day with the seasonal cold. Being sick is the absolute worst–your voice is scratchy, energy levels are as high as those after a three-hour sleep, and your cravings are totally whack-o. A couple years ago I dumped cocoa powder and egg whites. No sweetener, no cinnamon or whatever. I don’t know what I thought at the time. Believe it or not, as much as I hate the times I get sick, I value them. You function a bit more slowly which means you can rest more and enjoy more down time.

Because of my low energy levels I felt pretty drab most of today. I wanted to dive into a giant tub of chocolate and coconut almond butter and binge watch Netflix. Not gonna lie, that sounds amazing, and delicious. HOWEVER, sickness should never be an excuse to slack off and do nothing. You do need those types of days once in a while to just relax and not worry about anything, but in general it’s good to be busy, otherwise wouldn’t you be so bored? Health and fitness inspired me to occupy myself. Now I plan  and make time. While it’s healthy to do so, balance out all of that stress with some down time. Before a sweet 16 I attended later tonight, I spent a lot of time with myself. Just chugging green tea and being happy 🙂

I figured that since I have no stomach pains and my body below my neck felt perfectly fine, I did not skip my Saturday morning workout. No HIIT today because of my cough, and I’d have difficulty with endurance. This time it was all core and hip work so most moves were on the mat, not including the plie squats. Seriously, I am obsessed with squats. Since I started working out, not a single day has gone by when I haven’t done a squat. What can I say? Squats are pretty much a girl’s best friend!


Internet memes are an awesome way to make someone smile. This one definitely did! #storyofmylife

Speaking of protein, I was super excited to hear that Quest came out with protein powder! According to their bars, I have faith they’ll nail their flavors. However, I buy chocolate and vanilla whey all the time, so I decided to try unflavored this time. When it comes I will definitely give a review! It’ll probably be a 5-star rave!

You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?

Considering the cold my body yearned for nutrient-dense foods. My mother made me a delicious omelet with kale, onions, avocados and Sriracha sauce! Being the evil woman she is, she didn’t tell me the recipe. I better find out before college so I can make myself brekkie! Wouldn’t my dormmates be jealous of this beauty?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Oh, and I finished my tiny slab of almond butter left in the jar and my PB2. No guilt, no shame 😉 what should I do with the jar? I hate to waste such precious treasures like this. Future chocolate smoothie, maybe? Ooh, or chocolate mousse? (P.S. Check out my chocolate sweet potato mousse recipe! It’s vegan and gluten free!)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Just remember there’s always something good in every day. While I woke up sick, which hasn’t happened in years because I thought I maintained a relatively strong immune system, I have faith today will be a pretty good day. Always remain positive! If you wake up one day just in a terrible mood or energy state, do not let it overwhelm you! Eat a healthy and yummy breakfast, take a walk, write in a journal and just take some time to appreciate the serenity. If you’re sick make sure your schedule is low key. I even cancelled some plans because I needed time to relax! I refused to skip that birthday party though because I wanted to dress up like any teenage girl! Wouldn’t you value any time where you can primp to feel more beautiful?

Have a lovely day,


I made myself some trans-fat free popcorn and may or may not have finished the entire bowl...
I made myself some trans-fat free popcorn and may or may not have finished the entire bowl…

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