The _______ You Eat is the Fat You Wear

We all want to know, right? What is it????

First we blamed fat. Then sugar became the victim. A couple years later, carbs were cut out. However, nowadays on social media we’ve formed these communities of paleos and ketos versus raw vegans and fruitarians. Heck, there are bulkers who eat nothing but junk food and yet look like fitness models! (Life is sooooo not fair -.-) So what’s the dealio? How come we blamed fat when studies revealed that those who ate avocados had a lower BMI than non-avocado noshers?

I’m not going to lie and say that carbs are the devil or that fat is the enemy; some can barely maintain their weight at 1700 calories a day while others need 3000 calories just to breathe and think clearly. But what works for everyone? Repeat after me: The unnecessary ingredients or nutrients you eat is the fat you wear. These include either one or more of everything: calories, fats, proteins, carbs, sugars, etc. What your body will store as fat most quickly depends on you. This is where the fun begins!

Experiment for a period of time. Try each diet for a little more than a week to give your body time to adjust. For example, spend time on a paleo diet for about 10 days, then switch to a low-fat raw-vegan meal plan. Just be sure to do your research, look at how others are doing and what their comments say and really compare the results. Maybe bananas were never the cause of your stomach flab, or you can eat as much butter as you want and still maintain that toned, sexy body!

I’ve eaten meals that corresponded with every diet. Take a look!

Raw Vegan




Gluten Free and Wheat Free


and drumroll please….my HFLC peanut cookie dough!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

In the end, the answer is pretty clear. Don’t eat junk food, avoid the processed sugars, and make sure your calories are full of nutrient-density. Have a suitable ratio of fats, carbs, proteins and other micros to get your best body!

Do you have a certain food that becomes fat more quickly than others? My culprits have always been gluten, excess oil or butter and anything honey roasted. How unfortunate, right?


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