Day 6 of the “No Label” Challenge + Knowing Overeating

I couldn’t really help myself but last night I tried my absolute best to not get any nightmares about the giant pig with the ax overpowering me in the haunted kitchen! I don’t eat a lot of red meat but this experience makes me not want to touch pork or ham ever again! Don’t even get me started with bacon…*shivers*

‘Kay, I’m off-topic, now. Is it even possible that I’m already on DAY 6 of the “No Label” challenge? Time has zipped by in a flash! It’s as if I only started yesterday, but already I see significant change of habits in my diet. I eat Greek yogurt twice or three times a day and devoured more fat! Now I’m sprinkling coconut on every-thang. Seriously, it’s getting bad.


Snack 1 (Pre-Workout): TGYWF, right? Thank Goodness Yesterday Was Friday? Didn’t catch on? Okay… (shrinks in a corner)

Anyways, since today is the weekend, I can workout in the morning, finally! My pre-workout fuel was a full cup of Greek yogurt topped with a cup of grapes for quick sugars! Cinnamon was sprinkled on top to balance blood sugar levels and aid digestion, so that I wouldn’t fall asleep and bloat real quickly.

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If I weren’t to have planned my workout, I probably would’ve eaten five cups worth of grapes. That’s how addicted I used to be!

Breakfast (Post-Workout): Smoothies, potatoes and pancakes, OH MY! Feast your eyes on the biggest breakfast in the entire world with my pictures! Lemme tell you, when I finish a kick-ass workout, I get as ravenous as a cavewoman who didn’t eat for four days straight. I don’t even now how that much food could fit into my tiny 5’4″ tall body! I started the meal off with a small container of Greek yogurt, sans concentrate.

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It was good, but then I saw the bowl of my overnight oats. I stirred a teaspoon of raw honey and took my first bite. Crunchy from the seeds, nuts and apples, but also soft from the oats. Mmmmmmmm……I can have apple pie for breakfast any day!

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After my oatmeal, I attempted to make nana ice cream. I epically failed. Too small of a banana, too much coconut milk, I don’t know–but being a little hungry monster, I slurped it in a bowl anyways. Tasted almost like an almond butter cup in liquid form! It may look weird but it was hecka delicious! Totes got my candy fix!!

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And Japanese sweet potatoes are surprisingly tasty when cold…I didn’t capture this, but I also tried it with Greek yogurt. Eh, not exactly my cup of tea. Goes much better with almond butter. Oh well, I can say I tried.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Drumroll please for the grand finale….behold, the oatmeal breakfast pizza!! Otherwise, the largest oatcake known to man!! ERMAHGERD!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And who could forget the fresh berries, cinnamon, and, I don’t know, THIRD DOUSE of Greek yogurt?! I stuffed this in my face! Plus it was even bigger!

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So, um, how did I feel after that Thanksgiving-like feast? Very mixed feelings. On one hand I enjoyed every bite of my cooking and my mother’s, but on the other hand, my stomach couldn’t handle all that food at once. So I can clearly say I overate, which isn’t good at all. Even though I had purely clean foods that were healthy, too much of anything all at once isn’t. How do you know you overdid it at a meal? If you feel sluggish, have a stomachache, or feel extremely stuffed but not necessarily hurt. Mine was the last. Just drink tons of water and tea, and you’ll feel a lot better. Even do some low intensity exercises like abs or leg circles! Even though post-workout meals are supposed to be nutrient-dense, they shouldn’t be overwhelming. I’ve learned your body can only handle so much. Next time I’ll stick with only one or two of these, which’ll be just enough to maintain the large amount of muscle I gained on my legs the last month!

And the last thing about overeating–it’s very important: do not spend more than 5 minutes feeling guilty about it. Even 5 minutes is a lot. If you gobble up a bit too much fries, ice cream or hot wings, it’s OKAY! We are human and we were made to need and crave for calories. Can’t help it? Take that energy out in the gym. Run faster. Punch harder. Lift heavier. When you’re done you’ll be too tired to mope. On the contrary, you will feel a lot better.

Lunch: Okay, this wasn’t quite an all-out “detox”, but I apologized to my body for eating so much by making a giant rainbow salad of seasonal vegetables! I chopped up a carrot, eggplant, a broccoli floret, and lightly heated ’em up! Topped with homemade tomato sauce and stir-fried mushrooms and onions. So simple to make and I had one of the tastiest meals I’ve ever made for myself. Imma do this…I don’t know, ALL THE TIME from now on?

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Now this is how you taste the rainbow. Not like those chemically-altered Skittles, that’s for sure! Who said salads need to be purely green? That person really needs to look at the wonderful variety of veggies Mother Nature provided for us.

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Had some Greek yogurt along the way…

And who could forget my dear friend Fage? It was a tarty dessert, I’d say. WAY better than Menchie’s. Honestly, I can never go back to frozen yogurt after getting terrible sickness.

Snack 2: Guess what, peeps? I snacked on pizza!!! Just kidding, but it was about 60% similar. Maybe not that much, but still. I made an egg-crepe, added a little bit of mashed avocado and topped it with the last of my edamame! I can’t decide which pizza I liked better today: my fruity pancake pizza or this one!

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Dinner: It’s been a while since I’ve had tuna, and my mother’s cabbage salad with carrots, chicken and ahi was absolutely perfect! Or another reason why I thought it was delicious was because I arrived home from babysitting and was starving. It’s probably both though! 😛

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And sesame seeds too??? Ah….oh my Lord this is why I love Asian cuisine!


I am proud to declare I am human, and I falter! I love food, I overeat and I resent myself afterwards. But the only matter is if I let this guilt overpower me, I can never forgive myself. For example, while you can promise yourself to work harder and eat better next time, making a huge deal out of your mistakes will only trigger more failure in the future. Who knows? One day you may eat an awesome meal and not burn enough calories during that workout, or vice-versa and binge.

If this ever happens, find a rebound plan otherwise. Go for a quick run, drink some tea, or journal what you ate and how you felt. Sometimes overeating is not emotional, but primal. It is possible for people to overly restrict their food intake, which results in nutrient deficiency and constant dissatisfaction with meals. If you overeat regularly to the extent of binging, seek help right away. Those types of matters are serious. I will definitely write a separate article about EDs though, because that topic deserves its own spotlight another time and is extremely personal to me. Anyways, nothing more to say, but just to love yourself no matter how many times you fail. There is only one you. And if you can’t learn to love who you are, learn to improve. Then you’ll be dating yourself in no time.

Loves n’ hugs,


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