Day 5 of the “No Label” Challenge + Haunted House: Reign of Terror!

BOO! Sorry, but I had to ūüôā Happy Halloween everyone! If you celebrate it, great and if not you’re really missing out. Isn’t it fun to spend one day of the year to dress up in a crazy costume and eat tons of candy? This is exactly my type of holiday besides Christmas and my birthday, of course, minus the candy part. I got sick from Peppermint Patties one night¬†when I was in¬†seventh grade and it was real bad! This year I was so busy with other things I couldn’t make an elaborate costume,¬†but it is something I wanted to be for a while. I’m a boxer! Why exactly, you might ask? One of my girl crushes Adriana Lima boxes to maintain her perfect figure, and my favorite athlete Manny Pacquiao is king of boxing! Of course, there’s Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, but Pacquiao is the Asian figure I look up to.


My plan for Halloween is¬†because I didn’t get back until 9:30¬†or so, I’d save candy making for tomorrow, which is totes fine because I can¬†spend the entire morning making coconut macaroons, healthy almond butter cups or¬†banana bites! Plus, no sharing with little kids ūüėČ but enough with my babbling, and onto the food log!


Breakfast: I had to wake up extra early for a science club meeting! Luckily I packed plenty the night before. When I came down I chugged the rest of my acai bowl with nuts and mixed berries. Naturally sweet with a hint of chocolate? C’est¬†tr√®s¬†d√©licieux! I’m going to miss this baby a LOT.

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Since the acai was only half-full when I came down, I paired it up with a hearty Greek yogurt sundae. No tricks here–only treats! Yummy!

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Snack 1: Want a protein punch? Eat more edamame! It has an ANDI scale of 98 and contains lots of fiber, amino acids and healthy mono-unsaturated fats like omega-3s. Plus it’s low in carbs and diabetes-friendly!

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After all, a boxer needs to recover from all that punching…

Lunch: I spent an hour selling orange soda ice cream floats for my film club! How ironic, right? I’m a health nut and yet I took part in business with junk food. It was a little awkward, not gonna lie, being around what you used to be addicted to. To many they seem appetizing but¬†they’re¬†toxic for me. I can never go back. There are just some foods that bring too many terrible memories to eat again.

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Sadly for me, lunch period ended by the time my shift was over and I had to chow down my Greek yogurt and leftover eggplant covered in¬†tomato¬†sauce in less than 7 minutes! How is that possible?!¬†I hope my teacher wasn’t too upset that I ate in class! Let a girl¬†eat!!! Know what I’m sayin??

Snack 2: This snack was perfect for two reasons: it was quick to make and consisted of two eggs! What I love about eggs, which I eat almost every other day, is the fact that they are extremely healthy¬†and aren’t crazy expensive like spirulina or acai! Eggs are said to contain a little bit of every vitamin essential for humans. The nutrient-density is even greater if they come from¬†pasture-raised chickens who are fed grass and get plenty of space and sunlight.

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As you can see below, I have¬†major¬†flipping issues. Do you see the lack of symmetry in this? ūüė¶ I’m calling the right one the evil twin.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

In the end, looks don’t matter. Fried eggs are still eggs, perfect as they are with a lil’ pepper! Add some veggies on the side and boom. BRUNCH.

Now that I bring up brunch, I decided to make myself another batch of single-serving overnight oats! In my honest opinion, I can’t stand raw oats. At least in large doses. If I eat oats raw like cereal, I’ll probably start hacking and¬†trying to cough it out. Kind of like how I swallowed a¬†really¬†large piece of a peach and almost died choking. What a scary experience that was!

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I felt like making apple pie oats, so I chopped up half an apple and doused it with tons of my favorite spice cinnamon! Plus I threw in a wide variety of nuts, like almonds, pistachios, walnuts and pecans! Talk about the ultimate fall oatmeal!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Those oats may look really watery, but lately I’ve been enjoying them that way because I find it to be filling and refreshing, I would say. Sounds weird but that’s just me. ūüėõ

Dinner: Even though I had a limited amount of time to eat because my father and I had errands to run on the way to Reign of Terror, my dinner was pretty darn delicious. I had a tomato mushroom salad with pumpkin seeds, some tomato slices and I added a sliver of Mozzarella to go with the freshness.

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Here’s the exciting part: guess what I had for dessert? No, not chocolate, not oatmeal, but a vegetable! Correction: make that¬†root¬†vegetable or starch, to be exact, but whatever! Specifically I had a sweet potato. But most just any sweet potato, a Japanese one!!! What’s different about Japanese sweet potatoes is that they’re plumper and have purplish-violet skin. Even though they are supposedly “sweet”, I find them to taste just like white potatoes!

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Hooway!!! Look at that massive potato mama!!!

I saved one half for tomorrow and of course ate the bigger slice with some coconut and almond butter. Talk about a nutritious but totally¬†sinful¬†way to end a meal. Full of carbs…full of fat. Bad but¬†oh-so-good.

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Overview (includes trip to Reign of Terror!)

I’ve noticed that my intake on fat has increased. Don’t get me wrong, I ate a lot of almond butter and eggs, but there were some fats I just never even¬†bothered to touch. Maybe this was because I limited myself to low sugar and low fat protein bars! The challenge is almost over, but I vow to never neglect fats again in this manner. The idea of eating too many calories and gaining weight was even more haunting than the Reign of Terror!



I only took pictures of the entry line because no flash was allowed in the maze. Either way I was too scared to think about capturing photography! I let out bloodcurdling screams and hung onto my dad like his right hand! Super embarrassing. And he refused to let me leave early to make up for the time I chickened out in ninth grade!

IMG_9100 IMG_9103

Well, I suppose this maze did me¬†some¬†justice in the case that I kept my composure as tranquil as possible. All I thought was¬†“Just get out of¬†each room¬†quickly otherwise it’s guaranteed someone’s going to pop out—WHOOP! TOO LATE! AAAAHHHHHHH RUN AWAYYYYYYYY!!!”

Happy Halloween,


P.S. Check out my dog's costume! Here name's Cookie, but today we called her Ariel!
P.S. Check out my dog’s costume! Here name’s Cookie, but today we called her Ariel!

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