One-Ingredient Cookie Dough!!!

Can you recall those inventors who gained reverence because of an accident? Let me give you some examples of inventions that were supposedly failures: Aspirin. The slinky. Potato chips. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. And something everyone uses–the Sticky note! I basically became one of those inventors. Behold, my friends, the single-ingredient cookie dough!!!! (cues the victory trumpets)

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Yes, ma friends. I made this delicious masterpiece out of a cooking failure. I know I said during the “no label” challenge that my creations would get separate posts if they were at least 5 ingredients, but this is too awesome to pass up. It’s perfect as breakfast or a post-workout snack! Raw vegans can have this in moderation, ketos and gym rats: eat away! 🙂

Originally the recipe was for peanut flour. I blended all of my peanuts, but the mixture formed into chunks. I shook everything consistently, but it was still not flour or meal. I was very disappointed in myself at first. I wasted a bulky bag of unused peanuts! What was I supposed to do with all this? I thought of making peanut butter, but that would take too long and The texture was smooth, a little sticky. Like dough–COOKIE DOUGH! That was it!!


Gluten free.

Egg free.

Dairy free.

Low carb.



I feel an immense amount of pity for those with peanut and nut allergies. If you can use pumpkin seeds to make cookie dough, then you deserve a Nobel prize for advancing cuisine.

My epic fail of making peanut flour. WOW, great job, me.
My epic fail of making peanut flour. WOW, great job, me.



– nut of choice (I used peanuts. Sub with almonds to make the recipe paleo!)

– Opt: sweetener or flavor of choice (I use cinnamon and a little vanilla but I recommend something that would make this dough a little stickier. Add in cocoa powder or pumpkin pie spice–even protein powder!)


1. Blend all ingredients and shake to get most of the nuts blended. Be sure to air out the blades a bit, because if they are too warm the dough will become butter.

2. Add in extras like chocolate chips, other nuts, raisins, etc.

3. Let chill in fridge for at least 20 minutes or more.

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And that’s it! If you’re curious to know I put in slivered almonds, goji berries, cinnamon and coconut for an extra antioxidant kick! But the flavors are endless. Make peanut butter brownie dough, salted caramel, pumpkin pie, or just good ol’ chocolate chip cookie dough. Enjoy it by making no-bake truffles or cookies by forming several pieces and freezing them, mixing it in baking, oatmeal, pastries, nana ice cream, desserts, or spreading it as super chunky nut butter. Or you can be like me and add the toppings in the serving container, take a spoon and go nom nom nom.

Have you ever invented something from a cooking fail? But then again, don’t consider them accidents. They were hidden miracles all along! (UGH, the peanuts are too chunky to form flour! Should I just make peanut butter?….*licks from finger*….pffffft. Naw, let’s make cookie dough!)

Don’t forget to check this out in my post of Day 3 on the “no label” challenge! I made chocolate acai too and discovered my inner food artist. But my products aren’t on sale, unfortunately. I’m too busy eating them 😉

Eat your fat (unless if you’re raw vegan, of course)!


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