Day 2 of the “No Label Challenge” + Fighting Temptations

Yesterday was such a yummy day, I cannot even get over it. So yummy I don’t even have a favorite dish! Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated. I do have two favorites: my mother’s chicken stir-fry and the superfood oatmeal, but otherwise, I filled myself with absolutely exquisite and nutritious meals I don’t feel guilty about! In fact, I feel very very proud! Not gonna lie, though, I do miss Sriracha, and not using Stevia is something I’m not used to. But then again we are all somewhat afraid of trying something new or different. It’s a way of nature and with this challenge I will conquer that fear. Enough with the deep stuff, though, let’s get on with the food porn, shall we?


Breakfast: I woke up to boiled eggs in a pan and sliced strawberries in a bowl awaiting on the kitchen table. I had a little serving of my smoothie “sorbet” bowl with sliced strawberries on top! It definitely looks amateur compared to Instagram bowls, but hey, every meal is beautiful inside and out. And this one went right into ma belly 😛

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It was like acai ice cream! Speaking of acai, my family actually bought some from Costco in bulk for $10 a pack! That makes each serving a single dollar! This was an awesome deal compared to the juice and smoothie bars that sell acai bowls for eight dollars or even more! Yikes. Once I finish this smoothie I will make THE BEST ACAI RECIPE EVER. Trust me peeps, just you wait 😉

As with the boiled eggs, let’s just say my inner cavewoman was calling. Hoo hoo! A genius idea popped into my head: savory noatmeal! I microwaved leftovers of the chicken stir-fry in a bowl and peeled two boiled eggs and chopped them up. I did take out the yolks–waiting for the hate mail of yolk-lovers to come–because I find boiled yolks inedible. They’re disgusting when cooked that way, I’m sorry, but that is how I truly feel. Otherwise, I love eggs just the way they are.

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And since I practically started slapping myself for neglecting an egg yolk, I kept one of them and gave it another chance. Eh…still not a good decision. I spat it out. Don’t ever make me eat them.

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I proceeded to chug 3 cups of hot tea. Actually, make that 3 PINTS. I’m seriously addicted to green tea. It’s like Asian girls always having rice! (brown rice or wild rice for the healthy Asian!)

And what cuter thermos than one from Starbucks? I got this one at THE ORIGINAL Starbucks in Seattle. Will make a post about my trip sometime!
And what cuter thermos than one from Starbucks? I got this one at THE ORIGINAL Starbucks in Seattle. Will make a post about my trip sometime!

Do you like boiled eggs? Egg yolks to be exact? Or can you really relate to me and think they taste like rubber? I hope at least some can!

Snack 1: I’ve decided to try a persimmon for the first time. It’s in season now and the only times I’ve seen it are in raw vegan cooking tutorials or around the house. They’re my mother’s favorite fruit, so I gave it a go. And the result? A burst of juiciness and crunch! It tastes like maple syrup! But the part that bugged me the most was the skin. A bit too thick for my taste, almost too thick I didn’t think it was edible. It was a tasty fruit, but I’ll stick to my apples.

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Snack 2: Surprise, surprise, Greek yogurt AGAIN. I’m sorry if this is a bit boring, but there are just some foods you have to eat every day, right? Greek yogurt for me is one of them. I don’t take a calcium supplement and kale isn’t in season. So until I find another calcium source, Greek yogurt it is! I had this package WITHOUT the mango guanabana juice, because the No Label Challenge is also a No Added Sugar Challenge! I’ve never liked those, anyway, and ditching that wasn’t hard at all.

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Lunch: I had leftover Goi Ga! The best part was the fact I didn’t need a microwave! The most annoying thing about taking heated meals in a lunch box is that it sometimes doesn’t stay hot! With salads you eat at room temperature! Meal prep wasn’t as hard this way.

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Crunchy cabbage, moist chicken, a hint of sesame…I can eat this salad for days!!

Snack 3: I came back home, obviously hungry, of course like most students are! My 4 PM pick-me-up was three full boiled egg whites (disposed of rubbery yolk) with some raw sliced almonds and pumpkin seeds! Oh-so suitable for the fall 🙂


And to celebrate National Chocolate Day, I prepared a big bowl of chocolate oats and homemade chunky–and I mean super chunky to the point where there’s clumps of flour–peanut butter! Instead of 1/2 cup of oats, I used 1/4 a cup and 1/4 cup of the homemade peanut butter!

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Ah, looks like chocolate soup! I definitely indulged in the sweet, chocolatey aroma while sneaking in a few peanuts…

My epic fail of making peanut flour. WOW, great job, me.
My epic fail of making peanut flour. WOW, great job, me.

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I can picture you looking at this real funny. Hey, it may look really liquidy, but once I put it in the fridge, it’s going to mold together and become more pillowy and soft like a oat cake!

Dinner: What do I expect after an exercise? Um, a feast, obviously! Today my family cooked leftover chicken n’ tomatoes with tofu! Talk about my most favorite source of protein ever?! (Besides eggs, of course!) I ate ’em all up with some delicious spinach cooked in olive oil and Mozzarella caprese! I will definitely miss this when I go to college 😦

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If I were to ever forget my oatmeal, I would probably hate myself for forever. My oats were a teeny bit more liquidy than expected, but they were still soft and gooey! Next time I’ll either use less liquid or more oats. On the bright side, it was super filling! Sorry I didn’t take a picture of my oats after mixing. I was too busy gobbling away!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

That concludes my meals of the day and now on with my trips to the dark side. My mother and I went to Pavilions last Sunday–the day right before the challenge! I only come here because it’s the only local supermarket that sells Elli Quark (otherwise it’s Trader Joe’s for me!), and I was shocked by the array of raw superfood products, including this cereal! Um, as a recovered cereal and granola addict, this was perfect for me. And what could’ve been better for National Chocolate Day on Tuesday? But wait! No labeled products for a week–yes, including the supposedly healthy ones! I looked at the beautiful bag for a really long time. Then I told myself if I look at the ingredients list and see one thing I don’t know, it’s a no-go. And boom. “Astralagus extract and freeze-dried reishi mycelium.” I sighed, put it back, and walked away vowing I would try it again once the challenge was over. I searched them up after I got home and realized the ingredients were from root plants, but at the time I had no idea what they were. Fighting any temptations yourself? Procrastinate–YES, this is the one time where you can put things aside for later! That’s what I did, reluctantly….but I hope to find a raw cereal recipe of my own.

Aw, superfood cereal! Next time, I promise!
Aw, superfood cereal! Next time, I promise!


It was very challenging to not want that cereal. Really, really challenging. The other solution was to buy it and save it for the next week, but I pulled through and said no! Today was easier not only because I had leftovers from yesterday, but I had a better idea of what I wanted to eat. I listened to my body more cautiously. There were some people looking at me funny, though, especially my sisters when they asked why I ate oatmeal at night. But in the end, what you want and need to put into your body is most important. If I try to please society and eat something I don’t want to, then guilt and regret overrides me. Besides, after leg day, you always need something carby. You just do.

And Happy National Chocolate Day everyone! Hope you eat lots of it and enjoy every single bite!


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