Youtube Channel!

Yes, I did, I made a YouTube channel! I’m so excited because now I can talk to you all in person! My first video is on October Favorites 🙂 You can watch it down below:


CLOTHES: lululemon forme jacket  and Nike Pro Indy Sports Bra

FOOD: Elli Quark in Bananas Foster and Quest Bars in Coconut Cashew and Strawberry Cheesecake

BOOKS: Superfood Smoothies by Julie Morris and The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon

Not gonna lie, I was super nervous filming it. Honestly, I was overthinking EVERYTHING–lighting, what I should wear, the order of products I should list, and whether or not I should include all of my favorites, etc.! But acting genuine is the most important part of pursuing a YouTube channel. People will accept the real you and some won’t. Anyways, hope you enjoy the simple video and I cannot wait to make more! I have a lot of ideas but want to know what you guys will love too!

See you soon,


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