The “No-Labels” Challenge

Guys, I’m going to be honest. Many times I don’t eat very healthily. How can this be though for someone who loves apples, broccoli, sweet potatoes, almonds and would rather die than live without kale?! It’ll make sense when I explain more. I live by a 90% rule of eating a diet void of crappy food and consuming the right ratio of macronutrients. I’ve had a pretty terrible addiction to bars. No, not chocolate bars like Almond Joy’s or Snickers. I’m talking the healthy ones. Or correction, make that “healthy”…

Quest Bar


Uber Bar

…after bar…….

Luna Protein Bar

……erm…after bar…..

Lara Bar


Quest Bar in Strawberry Cheesecake!

….oh golly, this isn’t even close to all of it!

Muscle-building. Meal replacement. Nutrition. Breakfast Granola. Powerfully Protein. I’ve tried them all, and I love ’em all. I live a pretty hectic life of studying, volunteering and I drive around all over the place about every other day. Because I’m overly sensitive to the high glycemic index of many fruits, I can’t eat an apple or banana at 4 PM and expect to stay awake. That’s why I usually like my snacks a bit higher in protein–about 10 grams or more. Most of the time, though, I crave something sweet so I turn to something convenient that won’t bruise or perish as easily.

But that’s exactly the problem with these bars. They can stay in a cabinet forever and remain fine for weeks, months, maybe even years depending on brand (I’ve never tried though, and I don’t intend to save bars that long!)! These nutrition bars, if you think about it, are manufactured the exact same way as standard candy bars. In fact, a lot of them are produced with substitute sweeteners or genetically modified ingredients like soy or rice flours! Not only do I sometimes find that these bars are the cause for my belly fat, but many times I’m not very full nor functional after I eat them.

This is why I’m going to test something. I want to challenge myself to avoid food labels for a week. That will mean nothing that was made in a factory or by a company. Starting this Monday I’m pulling myself towards eating more fruits, vegetables, whole proteins like eggs or edamame, slow-burning starches like sweet potatoes and oatmeal, and nuts (which I’ve been avoiding for a while, oddly enough). It’s the “No Label” challenge. The first time I heard of it was on Eat Feel Fresh but I didn’t regard it as closely until now.


In terms of what or what not to eat, the rules are very similar to the Real Food Defined Challenge except the treats with even the natural syrups and such won’t be consumed. I’ll still eat Greek yogurt, almond butter, nuts in bulk and non-dairy milks–any of those so as long as it is in its purest form and can be homemade. Just no nutrition or ingredient labels!

The permanent effect will be my outlook on the health food industry and its deceitful tricks! It would be so much easier if I didn’t have to look at a label for calories or ingredients. This isn’t to lose weight, but to detox my body. If I shed some fat, that would be a plus! Look out for Day 1 of the “No Label” Challenge and my list of what I eat in that day! I can’t wait!

One last thing which is major is that in the end, these protein bars or “superfood” snacks are not all unhealthy. They are still much better than those corn syrup-laden candies with alien trans fats and sugars even though both products are low in micronutrients. When this challenge is over, I will still enjoy my beloved protein coconut cashew bars in moderation. Who knows, though–I might love homemade snacks much better than store-bought!

On the other hand, I can no longer have Quest Bar cookies! *silently weeps*
On the other hand, I can no longer have Quest Bar cookies! *silently weeps*


Cassie 🙂

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