Can’t We All Just Get Along? Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, Standard

When I opened up Blogilates’ “What I Eat in a Day” video on YouTube, I was shocked to discover the waterfall of angry comments, mainly by fruitarians or raw vegans, bashing Cassey for supposedly promoting anorexia. These refutes led me to a couple videos criticizing her diet, that eating meat was awful and she should’ve been devouring eight bananas a day. But it wasn’t just these 80/10/10 eaters attacking Cassey’s video–the paleo, the vegans who are not raw, and even the balanced were arguing about the food, that people would die of heart disease by eating meat or mess up their hormones if they ate too much fruit. It was to the extent where they called each other fat.

I did look at the comments in depth and see where they were coming from. Do I think Cassey should eat more? I am not sure because I don’t know her body at all. Sure, her carb intake is low, but if you read her blog post of this video she mentions that eating breads, rice and pastas makes her sluggish, which raw till 4 vegans love to enjoy colossal bowls of for dinnertime. This didn’t occur on just the Blogilates video. Lately, every health nut or gym bunny have been picking fights with each other everywhere.

My point is, though, since when did one lifestyle become healthier than the other? Yes, a diet full of fruits and vegetables is, for a fact, better than one with fast food and soft drinks, but what happened to biochemical individuality? If a health and fitness star encouraging an eating disorder to her million subscribers (myself included) is not outrageous enough, the health and fitness community putting each other down cannot be more unfortunate. The amazing people I met when losing weight didn’t just make me want to join the community; they helped me stay with them. I’ve known people who can barely lose weight while eating just celery sticks and water a day, and others who remain twiggy on burgers and ice cream by the pint (obviously people shouldn’t be doing that though, but they still don’t gain weight). Natural selection is very unfair, am I right?

Can't We All Just Get Along
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The only real solution is to be respectful of others! Only show concern in the most subtle way possible if the person looks unhealthy–not overweight–and even then be careful. I don’t recommend prying into others’ arguments online unless if you’re really savvy and know for sure that what you want to say will be assertive but not detrimental. Looking at what’s happening in our health and fitness society today, we for sure don’t need any more negative energy. It may or may not be a long time when the debate about humans being omnivores or herbivores or whatever comes to a stop, but might as well do our best to allay the upheaval as much as possible.

I’m very much aware that we won’t ever be perfect. There will always be disagreements within the healthy community. Were our ancestors actually herbivores? Does cutting out carbs equal fat loss? I’ll say it again: your body and only your body knows the answer! Cassey may have been hungry often but a lot of other people eat mini-meals throughout the day. What I love is that she doesn’t advocate one diet over another. I agree too. As long as one eats whole foods without a label, is nutrient-dense and keeps them robust and functional throughout the day, I don’t see why others need to butt in. Remember, all of us, whether paleo, vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, high-carb, anything else…we can all agree on one thing: food is indeed thy medicine, and a diet nourishing oneself is the most key component to a happy life.

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