The Food You Love Doesn’t Love You Back

Out of all the cheat meals in the world, my absolute all-time favorite has to hate me?! I can’t imagine how I’d live with a nut allergy.

It was a Saturday afternoon after a long day at the mall, and my sister and I were craving something suitable for the summer heat. We didn’t want to be too indulgent, and our faces lit up when we both thought of the same thing: frozen yogurt! We drove to our local Menchie’s and practically sampled every flavor–I don’t know–three times each! I finally went with Java Chip, topped with chopped peanuts and carob chips! I spooned my creamy, cold decadency slowly, savoring each scoop of sweetness. It’s been over three months since my last cheat meal! I went hope very happy and satisfied, not craving anything more.


About an hour later, I come home and my head starts to ache really badly–as if I bumped my head while bending down, got an ice freeze and was being hammered me from behind all at the same time. I immediately press my hand onto my forehead to somewhat allay the pain. My stomach starts rumbling loudly and clawing from inside. I also get the urge to vomit. What’s happening?

Notably, stomachaches, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting are the main symptoms of lactose intolerance. I discovered this when I was about eleven years-old, and even after I found out I drank three 16-ounce glasses of milk a day. Unfortunately, that did not help my height whatsoever and it only gave me bad gas and stomach cramping. It wasn’t until recently when I found out my lactose intolerance was so serious I couldn’t have yogurt either!

Even though I love the taste of froyo, I had to give it up for good. Listening to my body is the most important part of my health. It wasn’t very easy since I live nearby a Menchie’s and pass it every time I go running (really?!)! Regardless, if you have an enzyme or protein digestion disorder like with lactose or gluten, or any other interesting food-body disagreement, then do not resist shielding yourself from your intolerance. The feeling afterwards is not worth it. Especially if your allergy is severe, it’s a life or death situation. Fortunately I just get really sick, but to be safe I would avoid dairy as much as I can.

To test the severity of your intolerance, you can feed yourself a little bit every day (ex: bread crust one day, half a slice of bread the next, etc.) and gradually build up until you feel any trace of sickness. Then stop. I found that my body could tolerate Greek yogurt and mozzarella cheese so as long as I had two servings or less a day. Ice cream or milk by the glass? No bueno! After a period of time I found out that Greek yogurt tasted even better than frozen. Plus, it’s better for my body. What’s important is not the food you eat, but how you will feel afterwards. If you’re going to be energized and functional after your meal, enjoy it!

Eat clean,


P.S. Please excuse me while I grab a tub of Fage and watch The Notebook

one of those days

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