Never-Ending Nut Butter

This blew my mind.

Coming from a nut butter addict, discovering this recipe saved my wallet! I’m basically the only one in the family that eats these, and licking the jars clean are no problem. I always felt guilty when I would walk in the grocery store and get another $3 peanut butter jar. Does not sound like a lot, but if it’ll be gone within less a week, then it’s a splurge. UGH.

However, to save all my fellow nut butter fanatics out there, I want to show this little kitchen hack. Note that the more butter you result with, the more servings you will make, but the calorie content doesn’t change (you will still have about 90-100 calories per two tablespoons). I give all credit to Angela Giddon from Oh She Glows for this. Please check out her recipes and her book. Her lifestyle and health mantras are inspiring. Plus you will be drooling from the insane food porn she has.


– Nut butter: the recipe calls for 3/4 cups almond butter, but you’re really just using the same ratio of butter to milk. I personally used peanut butter because unfortunately at the time, almond butter was not in the fridge (sigh).

– Milk (preferably dairy-free almond milk; same measurement as nut butter–ex: 1/2 cup almond butter would need 1/2 cup milk)

– The recipe also called for a tablespoon of maple syrup and cinnamon, but I didn’t use these. However, you don’t have to be plain-Jane and you can go crazy! Add in the coconut, chocolate chips, raisins, honey, pumpkin pie spice, whatever! Have some fun with it!


1. Combine the nut butter with the milk in a food processor. Add in optional ingredients to make your customized flavor and blend again.

Watch as the magic happens. As the nut butter mixes with the milk, it lightens in color (Do not worry about this. The milk just makes it lighter–the flavor will not change at all!) and the ingredients become more well-blended. This took me about 2-5 minutes, but it all depends on how strong your blender/food processor is and how much ingredients you used.

Isn't this CRAZY?!
Isn’t this CRAZY?!

Look at how much you end up with! It’s as if you bought a fresh new jar! As you can see the nut butter does stick a bit more to the inside of the blender. You may have to spend a bit of time scraping off the ends, especially if you’re picky about wasting it like I was. But in the end, it really was worth it.

Workout snack
Workout snack

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy it with everything else. I personally loved it with my apple slices as a nice post-workout snack and dessert. But if you want to just lick the spoon by itself, do as you please…it’s something I would do 🙂

I would definitely use this again. In fact, I just might make a chocolate coconut flavor spread! Anyone else drooling right now? I was inspired when I was at Target and saw this awesome flavor! OMG! Coconut almond butter right here at Target?! I’m totally recreating this at home!

I think I'm in love...
I think I’m in love…

Anyways, thank you so much Angela for saving my peanut butter. Let’s just say I gave myself the permission to eat more than 2 tablespoons because my tastebuds told me to do so. Creamy, decadent, smooth and peanut buttery. Trip to the market? Unnecessary.

I think my maple almond butter would be jealous…

Until next time,


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