I Ate my First Pasture-Raised Egg. And I’m Never Going Back.

I recently uploaded this picture on Instagram because this was a very important moment–for me at least! Look, I know my captions are short and cute, but I really feel I need to say more in this case. Weird enough but I heard that people tend to like the catchier phrases and repel from eloquence. I hope you at least get my message, even if you’re bored to death reading this though (well, it’s a blog, so it should be a bit longer anyways).

For health and weight loss, eggs became a go-to. It wasn’t hard, either. I already ate eggs before I was weight-conscious, except this time I don’t drench them in soy sauce and I got over my addiction to white rice! Might as well say they’re Mother Nature’s perfect food, right? Packed with choline, magnesium, protein, vitamin B, they are said to contain a little of every nutrient needed by man.

Unfortunately for me they got old quickly from being an everyday essential to me making excuses NOT to eat them. I started eating only egg whites because I gained a phobia for anything that raised calories and cholesterol. It was a pretty unhappy journey though because I kept cursing myself for getting a little yolk in my omelette (another reason why you shouldn’t hate on yolks all the time! But that’s a whole other story all in itself). I was losing weight and inches off my waist, but I was also losing nutrient density and joy in my food. It wasn’t until I doused up with an entire bottle of Sriracha on my egg-white scramble when I realized that there was something wrong with my relationship with eggs.

One day, though, I see three dozen cartons of eggs on the table. There weren’t just any eggs. My mom got completely organic, fresh and pasture-raised eggs from the local farmers market.It was a while since I last ate eggs and I was craving protein (No tropical green smoothie for once @superfitbabe!), so why not?

I heat a pan, drizzle coconut oil, wait until it’s hot and I quickly decide whether or not to shell out the yolk. I don’t and crack one open. It drops and sizzles. My eyes protrude towards the egg…….It’s beautiful. Boy, was I glad I let the whole thing fall! The yolk isn’t yellow, it’s a vibrant, spirited orange as if it’s bursting. The egg forms more quickly and spreads all over the pan than usual. When it’s done and I take a bite. It’s heaven: rich, creamy, smooth, satisfying and flavorful. No Sriracha needed. When your comes from a place you can trust, where everything is clean, nurturing and honest, then it tastes 200% better. I think I went through a carton within two days, haha!

I did hear that pasture-raised eggs had reaping health benefits over regular ones. I usually get free-range or cage-free eggs, but little did I know pasture-raised would really set the bar high. The egg was creamy, rich, strong and didn’t taste as raw as the conventional kind. I felt more satisfied and nourished after one. I’m being serious in the title. I will not be a happy camper when my dozens disappear. When I see yellow egg yolks again and burn my pans from it not forming on the pan as easily.

What I’m emphasizing is the importance of where your food comes from. I recently discovered an inspiring video of where we usually get our eggs. Unless you consider thousands of chickens in oppressive confinement for days a pretty picture, we have a problem with these conditions, not to mention that they’re also injected with synthetic growth hormones that wreak havoc on their health, plus ours when we eat the eggs! You can check out the link here of how chickens should be raised versus the sad reality of how people treat these animals:

Please don’t get the wrong message. I’m not saying that you need to spend tons of money to eat healthy. In fact, you still benefit a LOT from eggs, no matter where they came from–it’s okay to buy your regular eggs most of the time; wherever you can get the most nutritious food at the best price, go for it. When you absolutely can, though, try to get your food from a happy and safe environment. That same loving comfort all the way from that farm is brought right into your home like magic. For now, try to get cage-free or organic eggs as much as possible to get the most nutritious eggs where you live, especially if you’re not close to a farmer’s market or don’t know any farmers. However, it is definitely worth the splurge. When you buy pasture-raised eggs, you’ll want to eat them. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Yolks and all.

Take care,


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