A Sad Morning…….for the Fridge

It didn’t start off all sad. It’s one of those days that gradually gets worse and worse when nothing goes your way, and you give up on yourself more as time goes by. However, there was only one major reason why this day was pretty suckish. Not meh, yes, it was suckish. But I’ll elaborate more when I get to that moment.

I woke up solidly at 6:55 A.M. today with high hopes of completing studies and making delicious lunches for the school-week. I treated myself to what I call a luxurious pre-workout breakfast with green tea and my savory sweet potato concoction! Let me know if I should post the recipe in a separate post.


Anyways, my mom and I decided to go to the community gym to workout. Usually I would jog or run to the gym by myself, but today my mom really wanted to use the car because traveling by foot would take longer. With my treasured lululemon jacket and green tea thermos (my ultimate sports drink!), I was eager to rekindle my absence from my old friend. During the summer the gym and I were best friends, and it wasn’t until school came back in mid-August when I had to say goodbye for a while…

What I wore to the gym! I got the top in Hawaii ^_^
What I wore to the gym! I got the top in Hawaii ^_^
My green tea thermos--it's actually pretty darn tall.
My green tea thermos–it’s actually pretty darn tall.

It felt sooo good because I haven’t visited in ages. Do you also get that feeling? Like how you revisit the place that used to be your temple and suddenly feel as if a part of you has been fulfilled? It’s like calling an old friend that you’ve never talked to in years or seeing a long-distance relative you only remember when you were just a baby. It recalls a part of your life you can turn to again for help.

My dear spinning bike! I think I should come up with a name for it.
My dear spinning bike! I think I should come up with a name for it.

I opened the door to the gym and felt a gust of wind. My breath stopped as I saw the fancy equipment all readily available for my arrival. It was as if they were welcoming me back to my second home. Then my heart just burst with happiness. If I could I would’ve kissed the floor and give my spinning bike a nice, cuddly bear hug. What can I say? We’re in love (don’t tell my maple almond butter though! *winks* heehee). And the workout turned out so well! I ended up spinning for a little more than an hour and breaking a fairly good sweat, and I don’t sweat a lot in the morning, especially in a nicely air-conditioned room. Except for the afternoon or if it’s a scorching sunny day. Now that’s an entirely different story.

After my mom and I arrived back home, I walked into my room, sat on my medicine ball, and suddenly felt some blubber rolling on my stomach. I thought: “Thou shalt fix this immediately.” I decided to follow the Blogilates #giveityourallgust calendar for Sunday “Cardio Ab Attack”! After logging the exercises into WeightTraining.com and laying out my yoga mat, I spent at least 45 minutes or more doing reverse crunches, corkscrews, and of course who could forget those crazy waist whittlers?! Cassey’s the Pilates queen! She’s also the kills-your-abs queen too 😉

Six-pack, here I come!
Six-pack, here I come!

So here comes the goodies. ( not really :/ more like that really bad, rubbery and chewy part of the hamburger meat if you ask me )

I come down to the kitchen after a shower, take out my beloved Nutribullet aka my safety blanket, and all the frozen cut-up fruit I see when I open the freezer.Strawberries. Apples. Blueberries. Mangoes. Raspberries. Bananas. Pineapples. Coconut flakes. Just…..pure, raw deliciousness. Now I blended them up first because I wanted to make as much room as possible for my favorite superfood and go-to post-workout green: kale!


So I open the lower half of my fridge for the superfood, but il devient un catastrophe! Il n’y a pas le kale! (“Kale” in French looks and sounds absolutely nothing like kale. So that’s why I used the English word to not confuse anyone.)


Spinach? Nope.

Chard? Nope.

Bok choy? Nope.

Collards? Nope.

So I had to use Romaine lettuce. It might not seem so bad for others, but for me it’s not nearly as nutrient dense as kale or spinach. Plus it doesn’t have that distinct earthy green color. It was a heck of a sad moment for my fridge. It felt so green-depleted!


I just proceeded to blend as much Romaine as I could fit, watching it dissolve into my sadly not-so green smoothie. I’m not saying that just because smoothies are green, they’re not nutritious, however. In fact, sometimes they could be healthier than their green counterparts depending on what you put in it, but since I always had spinach or kale at my right hand, I never thought it was suddenly disappear. As weird as it sounds, it was like someone special abandoning you and running away from home. It was seriously that much of a tragedy to me.


I managed to get my smoothie to look at least a yellowish-green like those Crayola or Roseart pencils thanks to the lettuce and green tea powder, but it just wasn’t enough for me. I’m just one of those people that needs to see the green the believe it. I feel as if I’m drinking something fresh straight from Mother Nature’s signature color.

Don’t get me wrong, though. When I dove my favorite spoon into the blender, it was like a tropical paradise to Hawaii swam into my mouth and had a luau on my tongue. Maybe I wouldn’t tell the difference if I were to eat this blindfolded. Next time, though.

I served a bit more than a third of the smoothie and made a smoothie bowl for a post-workout snack. It was really delicious, but at the same time it was lacking. Like eating a cookie without the milk, or a piece of toast without the jam or peanut butter. Sometimes it really does take two to tango.


And because I’m a peanut butter addict like that, I had to have my apples with peanut butter.


Oh yeah, and the day before, I discovered this awesome way to double the volume of your peanut butter, and cut the calories per serving! WHUUUUTTT?! I’m not kidding, everyone. I mentioned this in my first post but I have to say it again–this saved me. I don’t have to buy another jar for another couple weeks! The recipe actually originally called for almond butter, but I know how to save my dear maple almond butter, so there’s no need for that 🙂 the trick was made by the beautiful Angela of Oh She Glows, and her cookbook is seriously so well-crafted and designed! Oh yeah, and her recipes puts my friend’s cooking to shame (no offense, Jess! Still love you!). I’m scheduling an entire day where I make as many recipes as I possibly can until I run out of food!

Overall, the day didn’t turn out all that bad, excluding the fact that I arrived back home suddenly discovering myself swamped  with work. I was able to boogie my way through thanks to a set of headphones and Spotify. Music really can be some sort of escape.

My new blender bottle from Wal-mart! I'm so excited to try it out! Get ready for protein shakes galore!!
My new blender bottle from Wal-mart! I’m so excited to try it out! Get ready for protein shakes galore!!

The least I can say is that I got to workout twice and I got a new blender bottle for protein shakes on-the-go, so the day wasn’t completely wasted. And I made myself a smoothie that was nutritious, pure and refreshing even though it lacked my favorite ingredient. I’d still weep at that. But that is all for today, my lovelies. I have a ton of new ideas to post on my blog and I can’t wait to get started! I’m going to Seattle soon and I’ll be writing to my heart’s content!

Best wishes,


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